The Weddings

While you as a bride are being beautified, your fiancee is also preparing for the big day. A little nervous while he is trying to tye his tie with some assistance of his best man he turns into a sharp dressed man. But who captures these moments of the groom? His friends or a family member? Will these images fit in with the rest of the images? And then during the ceremony there will be some many moments that deserve to be captured but disappear because the photographer is focused on the couple. Just like these there are so many more moments that you can think of that tell the story of your day but are never captured.

That is why we capture the wedding day with two photographers. Journalistic in style which means we capture the day as it comes with lots of eye for detail. If you want to have a portrait session together then we will make certain you will be captured beautifully and not to posy. After the engagement session you will know exactly how this will work.

This page will show you some of the weddings we capture. If you want some examples of engagement sessions? View here our Engagements

Love letters

It is just so us again!

Superbly done, we are really Happy with the result.

Judith and Wim